Our company was founded in 1982 by the developers of the Parque Santiago complexes in Playa de Las Americas, in order to facilitate the task of non-resident investors.

When the five complexes were complete, this objective had been covered and the company was taken over by its current owners, Auxiliadora Santana and Jose Maria Romeo, in 1993.

Right from the beginning, the priority of this business project was to provide personalized attention for each of our customers, which has made it almost a family company over the years.

This has been possible thanks to the stupendous team that we have been lucky enough to work with; people like Angelika, Mary, Eukene and Mirta, who for a variety of reasons, no longer work in the company, but who were essential for its growth and prestige. And our current team, with Marta, Giselle, Teresa, Asha, Daniel and Dolores.

There have been difficult times, as there are in any company, as there are in life itself, but we have always tried to overcome difficulties with enthusiasm and in the best possible manner. There have always been other options, but we have preferred to grow gradually, reconnoitering the terrain before taking the next step, without exploring other popular fields in recent years, such as real estate.

Today, like everyone else, we find ourselves in this global crisis in which the values that we have always taken great care of will perhaps rise again, and I am talking about the personal attention we give our customers, the confidence of being able to answer your questions, whether or not we have the right answers to them. We have made mistakes of course, but we have been operating for a long time and we are proud to be able to say that we have made few mistakes and we have always tried to learn from them.

We face the future with confidence. We have new challenges to face and we hope to do it with your continued trust, appreciation and your invaluable suggestions.

Thank you for your trust

Auxi and Josecho

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